Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning with the Get Organized Toolkit

It doesn’t feel anything like spring where I live, but I’m feeling the pull to organize, so I’m happy to announce the Get Organized Toolkit is here to help us all!

This time of year I always get inspired to clean out, take stock and make my spaces a little neater for the coming year.

Is it just me who feels like the year doesn’t really start until spring?

If you need help cleaning out your closets, decluttering your craft supplies, organizing your business or even getting started with self care, the Get Organized Toolkit is for you.

What’s in the Bundle?

This bundle includes more than 60 resources, valued at nearly $3000 if purchased separately. It includes 12 ebooks, 23 courses, 18 workbooks, as well as printables, guides, workbooks and more, all aimed at helping make your life easier and your spaces clearer.

In addition to my book, How to Declutter Your Craft Supplies, you’ll find guides to simplifying your spaces, decluttering challenges, information about minimalism, how to build a capsule wardrobe and how to organize, pack and stage your home for moving, among other things.

There are even resources on organizing your classroom if you’re a teacher, your iPhone and your papers. You can learn how to make family photo books the easy way, get printable labels for your pantry, and deal with your cluttered mind so you can be more focused and productive.

Some of My Favorites from the Get Organized Toolkit

I won’t list all 63 products here, but I have spent some time with the bundle and a few of my favorite resources include:

  • The Boundaries Bliss ecourse by Alison Reeves, which helps you build boundaries in your business and your life.
  • 30 Day Declutter Your Home Workbook by Holly Connors. If you don’t know where to start, these daily challenges will get you going in the right direction.
  • Valerie Muszynski’s Home Maintenance Workbook, which will help you keep track of all those monthly, quarterly and annual chores you’re supposed to do around the house but never seem to remember to.
  • The Mindful Decluttering course by Nicole Callahan has a similar philosophy to my book when it comes to how you approach decluttering.
  • Jessica Litman’s Project Board Planner is great if you like a physical representation of projects and to dos.
  • Step by Step iPhone Clean up Guide by Heather Moritz — I know I mentioned this already but it’s such a simple process to make your phone more manageable.
  • The Sunday Basket Mini Course by Lisa Woodruff provides a quick and easy process for getting rid of paper clutter.

Get a Bonus When You by the Get Organized Toolkit from Me

If you purchase the bundle through my link and email me your receipt (to sarah @ sarahewhite . com without the spaces) I’ll send you the bonus ebook Using Your Craft Supplies, full of more than 70 ideas to use what you have to make something great.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to make with the things you already have, but these ideas should get your creative mind going. It’s arranged by type of craft supply — including yarn, fabric, beads, paint, paper and more — with general ideas and specific projects you can make.

Get the Bundle Now

The Get Organized Toolkit is available through Wednesday, March 29, at the price of $67. It’s truly a great value for education, inspiration and guidance on how to get your house, your business and your life in order.

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