These Free Worksheets Will Help Give You Motivation to Declutter

It can be hard to find motivation to declutter. But if you can get a good vision for what you want your space to look like when you’re done, it just might give you the kickstart you need.

I know how hard it can be to declutter your craft supplies and make a space that you really enjoy. I’m in the middle of it all the time.

It feels like a never-ending saga, but I know that I will get there one day, and I know what “there” will look like because of a little secret motivator I use to help keep me on track.

Envision Your Ideal Craft Space

This works for any space you want to declutter or clear out or change, but since we’re talking crafts here I want you to take a look at the space you use for your craft supplies or that you want to use for making.

Get clear about what isn’t working, what you’d like to change.

Know what you want it to look like when you’re done.

More importantly, know what you want it to feel like.

How Seeing the End is Motivation to Declutter

I think that knowing what the end looks and feels like is super important in gaining and maintaining motivation to declutter because you have something real to work toward.

If you just say “I wish this space were cleaner” or “ugh, this is so frustrating,” that doesn’t really propel you to action.

In fact, focusing on the negative might even keep you stuck because it all seems so overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin.

Use these Free Worksheets to Get Started

To help you explore your vision for what you want your ideal craft space to look like, I developed some worksheets that you can download, print out and write and draw or collage on.

These sheets include guiding questions and a space to draw/write/collage about your vision for your space that will give you something to motivate you to get started and to keep going when things get hard.

I really think knowing where you want to end up and having specific ideas in mind is magical. I hope these worksheets help you see the vision for the space you want and get you pumped to start decluttering your craft supplies.

More Inspiration to Come

By the way, these worksheets are soon to be a companion to an ebook guide I’m writing all about decluttering craft supplies that should be available soon (like before the end of the year). If you have specific questions or problems or kinds of craft supplies you’d like to make sure I cover in the ebook, let me know by dropping a comment here.

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