Do You Suffer from Craft-Related FOMO? How to End the Struggle

craft-related fomo

The desire for the latest, greatest and most craft supplies can lead to what I call craft-related FOMO. If you have it, it’s probably keeping you from the clear spaces and tamed supplies you really want.

Do you know what FOMO is? It’s an acronym for our age that stands for fear of missing out.

Because all of our lives seem so connected to each other and we’re always seeing what other people are up to, some people tend to have jealousy around what other people are doing, or they feel like they have missed out because they aren’t at some event with all their friends, or they worry if they turn away from social media for a minute they’ll miss the invite to the next amazing thing.

It happens to crafters, too.

We feel a sense of craft-related FOMO when the big-box craft store ads hit our mailbox or our inbox.

We see all that shiny new stuff, the stuff on sale, and we feel a tug.

If something is exclusive, limited-edition or special in some other way it can be particularly alluring to some.

Or if it’s on clearance, because that means you might miss out on your chance to have that thing forever.

I think this is why so many people have Cricuts but never use them.

You don’t want to be the one of your crafty friends who doesn’t have one, right?

(I actually am that person, by the way. Not that I haven’t at times wanted one, but in this one case I’ve been able to resist because I wasn’t sure my usage of it would justify the expense.)

Treatment Options for Craft-Related FOMO

Much like any other kind of FOMO, it is possible to get over – or at least reduce – craft-related FOMO. Here are some strategies.

  • Don’t look at advertising, in your mailbox or your inbox, from craft companies or craft stores.
  • If necessary, stop following stores and companies on social media, at least temporarily.
  • If visiting Pinterest is quickly followed by a trip to the craft store or an order from a website, lay off Pinterest for a while.
  • Go shopping in your stash. Whether you’ve already cleared out or are just beginning the process, taking note of what you already have and love can help you feel less FOMO.
  • Make something with the things you already have. If you’re busy, you don’t need anything else.
  • Be mindful of the feelings that come up when you feel the urge to hit the store or order something online. Is this something you really need or are you just telling yourself you’ll make something with it so you can have it?
  • Clear out your space. If you know you already have too much stuff you aren’t using and don’t need, it can help keep you from wanting to buy more.

Excessive purchasing of craft supplies can be a serious problem that legitimately requires professional help. If you feel out of control and like you literally can’t stop yourself from buying things, it might be worth talking to a therapist or mental health professional (I am neither of those things) for more concrete steps that will work for you.

Do you have craft-related FOMO? How do you deal with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.Do you have craft-related FOMO? Here are some tips for how to deal with it.

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