How to Organize a Raskog Cart: Inspiration and Advice

how to organize a raskog cart to hold craft supplies

A Raskog cart is a classic for craft room organization, but how do you organize a Raskog cart to make it work for you?

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Do you have a Raskog cart? This three-shelf cart from IKEA is a crafty classic that it seems like everyone has (is that craft-related FOMO talking?).

I finally got one earlier this year that has craft supplies of my daughter’s on it. Admittedly it’s a bit of a mess, but I still love it.

There’s a reason this cart is so popular.

For being relatively small, it actually holds a lot of stuff. It’s lightweight, easy to put together but durable, easy to move around from place to place. And they’re pretty darn cute, too (the turquoise is the classic color; mine is red).

How to Organize a Raskog Cart

Because this is such a classic piece of crafty furniture, there are lots of ideas out there for how to organize a Raskog cart.

First, check out the amazing amount of stuff on this cart from Indigo Jade Art. She calls it the Happy Color Cart, and with good reason, as it’s filled to capacity with colored pencils, paints, pastels and more.

DIY Inspired uses her cart for sewing supplies, including the sewing machine when it’s not in use.

Semigloss Design has ideas for using the Raskog for art supplies and for planner supplies.

The 36th Avenue used a cart for photo props in her craft work station and Subscription Box Ramblings made a basement art cart, because it’s great to have supplies right where you need them and not have to run upstairs or down.

A Bowlful of Lemons gathered a nice collection of 21 ways to use a Raskog cart for scrapbooking supplies.

Life with Fingerprints made an art cart for kids and everything that’s stored on it is in its own container, which is perfect for keeping it organized.

And Memories and More has a more grown up art cart full of painting supplies. Isn’t it inspiring to see it all out and organized?

Thoughts for Your Raskog Cart

If you’re organizing a Raskog cart for yourself, here are some things to think about.

  • What supplies do you most need or want to be accessible? It can store just about anything, so think about what you use most often or what could all be corralled in one place.
  • Where will the cart go? What supplies do you use most often in that area? It has wheels so you can move it around, but it will probably mostly stay in one place.
  • Is this cart just for you or are you sharing it? Mine is in my daughter’s playroom and most of the supplies are really hers, but I could reclaim a shelf for myself for some basic supplies I use in that space.
  • How can you organize the cart so that like things stay together and it keeps looking good? Bins, boxes and jars are all popular choices for holding materials in the cart, and they make it easy to pull out just what you need when you need it.
  • What do you already have that you can use in the cart? Please don’t go buying more things to organize your organizational tool. You already have more than everything you need.

Do you have a Raskog cart? I’d love to know what you keep on it and how you organize it. Even better, snap a picture and share it on the Minimalist Crafter Facebook to organize a raskog cart to hold craft supplies


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