November Challenge: Declutter One Thing a Day

Decluttering one thing at a time

Join me and declutter one thing a day this month — whatever month you read this is!

I have fallen out of the habit of working on going through my craft supplies — and other things that need to be decluttered — so I’ve decided that I need a challenge.

Maybe you do, too.

So here it is: in the month of November, declutter one thing a day.

By this I don’t mean clear one item daily. That would be a little too easy.

Go through one bin, box or bag. One drawer or shelf. One stack or pile.

Touch everything.

Decide what you really need and what you can let go of.

Be honest.

Be ruthless.

What are you really using? What are really going to use?

What are you hanging onto because it was expensive or because you really want to take up that hobby or because everyone was making it on Pinterest three years ago and you still haven’t done it?

Acknowledge the loss that comes from not making the thing that you intended to make. But remember that it doesn’t do you or the stuff any good to hold onto it.

How to Get Started: Declutter One Thing a Day

Begin where you are, whenever you are reading this. It’s November as I write this, but whether you come across it on November 22 or next February or whenever, just start when and where you are.

You might choose to declutter something easy first. Maybe a shopping bag from that time you went to the craft store three months ago to get supplies for a project you were sure you were going to make and the materials are still in the bag.

Or start with something that will make a big difference to you: your desk, your bedside table, that pile by the couch that annoys you every. time. you walk by.

The key is to build momentum.

Start with easy wins or things that will keep you motivated to continue. Don’t start with a big, boring, not very visible job like cleaning out the filing cabinet where you keep your scrapbooking paper, or the guestroom closet where no one goes anyway.

You might want to pick someone really obvious to start so that family members will notice and comment positively.

Or you might start in your own space, because you’re doing this for you as much as for them.

Once you’ve made that start, reward yourself with some crafting time. Bonus points if you work on finishing an unfinished project.

Are you with me for this challenge? Come join me on Facebook, where I’ll be sharing what I’m decluttering and offering encouragement to others as they go. We can do it together, one day and one “thing” at a time.decluttering challenge: can you declutter one thing a day?

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