Time to Get Honest about What’s Stopping You from Decluttering

discover the fear that's holding you back to help with deculttering

If you say you want to declutter but it’s not happening, what’s stopping you from decluttering?

I’m taking part, along with some of my co-workers, in the Whole Life Challenge, a six-week program that focuses on diet, exercise, getting enough sleep and water and different aspects of well-being.

This week’s well-being challenge has to do with figuring out your one big goal for the year and why it’s the one thing that is so important to you.

For me, and maybe for a lot of other people, too, my big goal is a full, top-to-bottom decluttering and cleaning of my house.

The why is lots of things: so we have clean, clear, calm spaces to live and play in; so I can focus more on my work and less on my mess; because releasing things has an energy that will hopefully attract new and better things (not meaning stuff, but experiences and opportunities) into my life; because my daughter is agitating for changing bedrooms and there’s no way that can happen until things are cleared out.

It’s that energy thing that can make getting rid of craft supplies in particular so difficult, which we’ve talked about before.

But I think there’s more to it than that.

I think there’s fear.

I am a big believer in the idea that things have energy and getting rid of those things moves that energy out of your home and makes room for different energy.

I fully expect great things to happen when my spaces are clean.

I expect to be more creative, to have more time, to be open and available to different work, to write another book or two.

And while all that is exciting, it’s also really scary.

That whole fear of failure/fear of success/impostor syndrome thing.

It’s a lot easier to stay stuck in the way you’ve always felt, the work you’ve always done, the things you’ve always been.

It’s hard to make changes when you know those changes are likely to cause other changes that might not entirely be comfortable.

And you can stay stuck in your own comfortableness and fear for years.

I know I have.

I’m ready to stop feeling that way.

I’m ready to see what the results of my efforts will be.

Maybe I’ve been overplaying it all these years and all I’ll get out of it is a cleaner house and a happier family life.

If that were all, it would still totally be worth it, right?

If you’re having trouble getting started decluttering, or continuing the process after making some progress, I wonder if there’s fear of what happens after holding you back, too.

What’s stopping you from decluttering?

I’d love to talk about it more in the comments.getting honest about what's stopping you from decluttering

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